Monday, May 07, 2007

The Card Arrives!

So after my last post, I received an email from Customer Service, within the promised 24 hours, and they provided me with a number to speak with someone who wasn't a complete and utter moron like Michelle. I called the number that afternoon and was told that I was, in fact, approved for the card. I asked the fellow on the phone whether or not I was going to receive the email I was promised from the start, as it had been more than "a few days." Seeing as how he had just informed me that I was approved, I assumed the answer would be a simple "Yes, I'll send you an email now." I was wrong, though, as should be readily assumed by now.

The response I received was that I'll receive something in the mail within 30 days. Bewildered by the complete change in policy (meatspace mail vs. email, "within 30 days" vs. "in a few days"), I didn't think to ask if he meant 30 days from when I applied or 30 days from this particular call. Either way, in the end it all worked out, as the card just arrived today. Sure, I'm still waiting on that email I was promised three weeks ago, but at least I can finally start earning some WorldPoints.